In a field that is constantly developing, innovation is essential to attain one of GDES WIND’s strategic objectives: achieving the best rotor maintenance at the lowest cost perkW.h produced.

GDES WIND uses and develops the very latest composite materials, blade access methods and inspection techniques in order to reduce rotor life cycle costs.  Throughout the company’s years of activity, innovative technical solutions have been developed for repairs, which have served to avoid important costs associated with the lowering of rotors or blades, and even replacement, with blades initially considered unusable having been repaired.

SálvoraVento has been a pioneer in Spain in the application of:
•    New materials
•    New repair techniques
•    New blade access methods
•    New inspection methods

The following innovative activities have been carried out:
•    Thermography analysis
•    Phased-array ultrasonic analysis
•    Pre-preg repairs
•    Blade aerodynamic systems retrofit
•    Rotor balancing at height

GDES WIND will promote R&D&i in collaboration with GDES INNOVATION.  Work is currently under way on the Blade Inspection Project.

The GDES INNOVATION Centre is a 400 m2facility at the Valencia University Polytechnic Innovation Park, at which all the GDES personnel involved in innovation projects and new technologies will work.  There are currently 14 projects under way, 10 full-time personnel and an investment estimated at one million Euros a year.

The company is also present in all the national and international forums for debate in the fields of wind energy maintenance and composite materials: Power Expo in Spain, Ewea in Europe and Awea in the USA, and participates in the Maintenance Working Group of the Wind Energy Business Association.