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GDES Wind has quality service as its strategic mission, with a view to guaranteeing its clients the correct maintenance of their blades, optimisation of rotor operation throughout the operating lifetime of this component and monitoring and real insight into its status.  The ultimate objective is to achieve greater profitability in the medium and long term.
Another objective of SálvoraVento is to allow the clients to entrust all their blade-related needs to the company and to be seen as an ally in future technology developments.
To achieve these objectives, GDES Wind works daily in close contact with the needs of its clients.  On both the operational and technical planes it pursues excellence in the quality of its services, applying the latest composites and diagnostic tools technologies.

Differentiating aspects:
•    High technical capacity
•    In-depth understanding and experience of all blade technologies existing on the market
•    Independence as regards technical criteria
•    Flexibility, versatility and possibility of working in widely differing national and international environments
•    Rapid response to the clients in emergency situations
•    Commitment to people.  GDES Wind considers its team of people to be its most valuable asset.  Throughout the company’s history, the average seniority of its employees has increased constantly, and this lengthy service implies a bonus in terms of know-how and experience that the clients value very highly.
•    Environmental commitment