The GDES WIND team is made up of 60 persons.The organisation is characterised by its flexible structure, which adapts rapidly to different projects, countries, environments and client needs.

SálvoraVento is organised around the following departments:

•    Technical and Engineering Department: this provides backing for all the company’s operational activities (work both in the field and in the factory and services documentation).  Among others, it covers the study and implementation of new materials, procedures and solutions implying operating time and cost savings.

•    Operations and Quality Department:this undertakes the strict control of repairs and services, the planning and coordination of day-to-day activities (repairs, inspections...) and the issuing of reports on the work performed, which are revised in detail by experienced technicians before being provided to the client.

•    Sales Department:this covers the need to provide the client with a preliminary assessment of the cost of the different services offered by the company (repair work, inspections, training, etc.) and required at each moment in time.  This department works in close collaboration with those mentioned previously.

•    Administration-Finances Department: this closes the service performed through its final valuation and approval by the client, undertakes the careful selection and management of suppliers and, in short, carries out the accounting and financial control of the activities of GDES WIND.

•    Human Resources and Prevention of Occupational Risk Department: this searches for the best profiles in the sector and, in view of the activity carried out by the company and its concern for people, pays special attention to the Prevention of Occupational Risk.

•    Workshop and stores: control and monitoring of all tasks that, in view of their complexity or the conditions of their repair, need to be performed on the ground in a controlled atmosphere.  The facilities available to the company allow for an adequate stock of materials and spares, as well as the division into zones of the space depending on the conditions of repair of each service.