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The ultimate objective is to optimise blade maintenance, minimising their life cycle costs and maximising the energy produced.
All maintenance activities, both inspections and repairs, are documented through specific reports with photographs and details of the process, as well as recommendations where appropriate.

Also offered is the possibility of using formats drawn up by the client.The reports are provided in digital or hard copy format, depending on the needs of the client. Maintenance is performed on both the composite structure of the blade and the mechanical systems and components (air brake actuation system in stall blades, lightening protection system, bearings, tightening torques, etc.).

Auxiliary Resources: GDES WIND possesses wide experience of and the capacity to manage any type of auxiliary hoisting device and, in addition, has its own resources of this type, such as scaffolding suspended from cables, this providing the following advantages:


  •  Accessibility: the reduced dimensions of the suspended scaffolding allow it to be displaced in a conventional manner, thereby providing access to any site.
  • Autonomy: the management of hoisting resources is carried out internally, this allowing for a speedier response by not depending on the availability at any given time of other means such as cranes or raising platforms.
  •  Profitability: lower costs than other hoisting resources in long-term tasks.


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