GD Energy Services

In March 2012, SálvoraVento joined GDES, the Group taking a majority shareholding.  The reasons underlying the merger relate fundamentally to shared values, such as a client service vocation, the search for on-going technological improvement and the commitment to maintain quality at all times as a strategic objective.   The perception of GDES as a solid Spanish industrial group with wide experience in providing maintenance services to the energy industry and present in countries throughout the world (France, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Qatar, Singapore, United Kingdom,…), linked to its culture as a company with a lengthy history, but open to new challenges, is one of the building blocks that allows joint projects to be undertaken both in Spain and on other markets.

GDES offers services to practically any type of installation.  Thanks to the experience of SálvoraVento, the Group now also enters the wind energy sector, thus extending its services to practically all the energy sectors.


More Info  www.gdes.com