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Focusing | 2018 – 2021

On the past days of November 16 and 17, the second Group Meeting of GD Energy Services was held in which forty executives and representatives attended from all the countries in which the Group operates.

An annual meeting focussed on the presentation of the budgets for 2018, projects to 2031 and, above all, on the reflection on the future of the Group: the analysis of the perspectives of each of the business units, their objectives and the opportunities detected in each country. It was an excellent opportunity in which the leaders that manage the different GDES business lines were able to renew contacts, promoting the spirit of collaboration and the bringing closer the different geographic areas.

In order to promote the principles of cohesion and unity, the 2017 Group Meeting was chosen as the place to present the new strategic lines of the company with a view to the upcoming years.

GDES will prioritise its investments in the businesses related to the nuclear, dismantling and wind energy sectors, improving the ranking of the company in the markets of demonstrated potential such as France, United Kingdom and the United States.

The objective is to strengthen our growth in other countries through the Know-how that 85 years in of history on the national market provide us.

GDES will directs its efforts in R&D to offer services of greater added value. It will invest in Business Intelligence tools that will make decision making dynamic. It will strengthen the investments in countries and business lines of greater strategic interest. And it will create, in short and in the short term, an agile and united organisation with a unique and shared strategy in all the areas of action.

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