About GDES Wind

GDES Wind initiated its activity in the wind energy sector, more specifically in the fields of wind generator blades and composite materials.  Set up in 2004, the firm was one of the first independent Spanish service companies in this area, establishing quality service as its strategic objective.  Since it was created it has been continuously and increasingly involved in everything relating to wind generator blades, fundamentally in maintenance but also in design, manufacturing, inspection, auditing, retrofits and other areas.

GDES Wind makes use of the latest technologies and the wide experience of its professionals in the wind energy sector to optimise blade maintenance processes.

Since its beginnings, GDES Wind has had a national dimension, carrying out its activities naturally on the Spanish, Portuguese and French markets.  However, to date it has undertaken projects in 21 countries (on four continents) and possesses the logistical resources required to perform projects anywhere in the world.

GDES Wind has two operating bases in Spain (A Coruña and Albacete),allowing for complete coverage and a rapid response anywhere in the country.  At the company’s facilities in A Coruña, repairs are performed on any type and size of blade on the market. GDES Wind‘s flexibility in providing solutions adapted to the client has also allowed projects to be undertaken at large facilities (> 3,000 m2) especially customised wherever required.

GDES Wind is currently present in the USA and Canada– where activities are performed from its operating base in Chicago (Illinois)-, Mexico and the United Kingdom, countries in which the company’s activity is growing and where its experience and technological know-how provide an advanced level of service backed by its knowledge, experience and specialisation in wind generator aerodynamics.